physics751 Group Theory


Wirzba, Krewald, Luu, Hanhart


Winter 2014/2015

Problem sets

# Handed in Reviewed
1 physics751-01-handed_in.pdf physics751-01-reviewed.pdf
2 physics751-02-handed_in.pdf physics751-02-reviewed.pdf
3 physics751-03-handed_in.pdf physics751-03-reviewed.pdf
4 physics751-04-handed_in.pdf physics751-04-reviewed.pdf
5 physics751-05-handed_in.pdf physics751-05-reviewed.pdf
6 physics751-06-handed_in.pdf physics751-06-reviewed.pdf
7 physics751-07-handed_in.pdf physics751-07-reviewed.pdf
8 physics751-08-handed_in.pdf
9 physics751-09-handed_in.pdf physics751-09-reviewed.pdf
10 physics751-10-handed_in.pdf physics751-10-reviewed.pdf
11 physics751-11-handed_in.pdf physics751-11-reviewed.pdf
12 physics751-12-handed_in.pdf physics751-12-reviewed.pdf
13 physics751-13-handed_in.pdf

You can also get the LaTeX source code and my handwritten notes in the repository:

Presence problems

# Files
1 A01-1.pdf A01-2.pdf A01-3.pdf
2 A02-1.pdf A02-2.pdf
3 A03-1.pdf A03-2.pdf
4 A04-1.pdf A04-2.pdf
5 A05-1.pdf A05-2.pdf A05-4.pdf
6 A06-1.pdf A06-2.pdf
8 A08-1.pdf A08-2.pdf
9 A09-1.pdf A09-2.pdf
11 A11.pdf
13 A13-1.pdf A13-2.pdf

Cycle structure of $\mathcal S_n$

There was one presence problem where one had to compile a table with the cycle structure for $\mathcal S_4$. Then it asked to do the same thing for $\mathcal S_5$. I wrote a Python 3 program that generates this table. In some aspects, the algorithms are a little brute forced, but it seems to work for small $n$. See the results: Cycle Structure. Also see the project page of

Young frame tensor product

In the thirteenth problem set, we were asked to compute some Young frame tensor products for SU(3) representations. On the problem set, there is an algorithm, that I distilled into this web app.