Skilltree B.Sc. Physics 2006

This is a tree of all lectures that are offered in the Bachelor of Science in Physics programme in Bonn. The arrows denote a "preparation". I assume that this means that you should have taken the lecture, or something similar before attending.

The first one is created using dot which makes a hierarchical version of the graph:

Download PDF: [Skilltree-BSc_Physik_2006-dot.pdf](Skilltree-BSc_Physik_2006-dot.pdf)

And then there is the one created using neato which does not preserve the hierarchy, but instead tries to distribute the nodes in a nicer way:

Download PDF: [Skilltree-BSc_Physik_2006-neato.pdf](Skilltree-BSc_Physik_2006-neato.pdf)

My graph only shows unique dependencies.

I made this chart with Graphviz. You can contribute to the git repository, if you like: