Plasma with Wayland not usable yet

Ever since KDE 4 I have been using Plasma on my personal laptop. And I also use it at work. But every since I use it with X.Org, although there is Wayland support. Lately I had some glitches with the USB-C dock and external screens, so I thought about giving Wayland a try. The screens got recognized well, but there were other glitches that made it practically unusable:

  • My usual screenshot tool Shutter did not work any more. The other one that I use, Flameshot, did not work either. Using the Plasma built-in screenshot tool it works, but it doesn't let me crop or annotate it as conveniently. This was rather annoying.

  • I'm not exactly sure what the pattern was, but my clipboard did not work as usual. Often it would just seem to drop the contents. That was utterly annoying and it distracted me from work.

  • And Zoom cannot share the screen with Plasma on Wayland. It only works with GNOME on Wayland. This is a complete deal-breaker for me.

So let's see how many more years I am going to stick to X.Org …