Threads on Twitter

On Twitter one can often see people who have more to say than the character limit allows in a single tweet. They usually then reply to their own tweet and create a thread by doing so. One can feel that the medium isn't made for short articles. This is why I like my blog, I can just write as much text as I want. I can include more than four images. And I can structure the paragraphs like I want. People can share the URL as one tweet, or send me an e-mail discussing the whole post.

In order to take the rough edges off twitter threads, there are multiple apps to unroll these threads. This usually then looks like this:

The application replies with a link to an unrolled thread. One can then read it on a website where each tweet is turned into a paragraph. But one has to answer to the original tweet and people often don't check whether anyone else has used the app already. So one finds many more such posts:

And then the next one:

And yet another one:

Up to the point where people use the wrong app name and end up getting no sensible result.

Guess Twitter just isn't made for long-form content 🤷🏻‍♂️.