New Monitor Mounts

I have recently written about height adjustable monitors and how they usually don't reach the height that I would need to comfortably sit. And the mount that I bought didn't really do me much good. Eventually I started looking for mounting options again. Most of them only go up to 40 cm in height, but there are a select few options which go even higher. And I didn't actually want to has gas spring arms, just fixed arms are fine. So I have found two products to make it work in the way that I want:

This consists of a dual monitor stand on the right side. That goes up to 100 cm, which is very great. I won't need that much, but it certainly works for me. And then I also have a combined monitor and laptop stand where both can be adjusted independently. In this way I can have the laptop on head height and also do video conferencing without having to look down.

As a side effect, the desk is much neater now. On the picture I haven't put away the cables, by now it looks even better.