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New Monitor Mounts

I have recently written about height adjustable monitors and how they usually don't reach the height that I would need to comfortably sit. And the mount that I bought didn't really do me much good. Eventually I started looking for mounting options again. Most of them only go up to 40 cm in height, but there are a select few options which go even higher. And I didn't actually want to has gas spring arms, just fixed arms are fine. So I have found two products to make it work in the way that I want:


Attaching a Display

Personally and professionally I have seen my fair share of display connectors. At this point it has a Kafkaesque complexity. At the theory department we have computers ranging from around 2006 to current ones. This means that we also have all kinds of display connectors on the workstations and tablets:


Brightness Sensor and External Screens

I use an external screen with my laptop. Mostly because it is larger, but also because it has a sufficient height to reduce neck strain. There is another problem that causes strain: suboptimal brightness settings. On the laptop, I have brightness keys handy and can quickly use them to adjust the brightness. My Android devices regulate the brightness automatically for me. But on the desktop, the brightness is always fixed.