Adding tasks to Taskwarrior from mobile

The task management tool that I use on my desktop computer is Taskwarrior. There is an Android App in development for this but I have not used that yet. A lot of new tasks come to my mind when I am not at the computer, so I need some way to write them down on my mobile phone.

My first approach to this problem was a simple text file on the Android devices. The file would be filled with lines that could be executed with task add. A sample task would look like so:

Do something pri:m pro:my-project

A Python script would copy the text file from the mobile device and pass each line to task add.

There are free text editors on Android, they are just a little cumbersome to use. A dedicated task app would be nicer.

todo.txt App

The todo.txt standard is a great way to organize a task list in a plain text file. It is not compatible with Taskwarrior, though. However, it does not take much code to convert one into the other. My backup-scripts projects features a converter which does this exact thing.

I can use the free Simpletask app to add tasks. These will be stored inside a todo.txt on the device. The Python script downloads this file over SSH and parses the entries. The interpreted task entries are then fed to task add.

Now I have a nice interface to add tasks on my mobile phone and still have Taskwarrior on my desktop computer.