Trip to Valby Park

Around noon I started to cycle to the park that Chris has sent me the location to. It was supposedly created by students of architecture and nice to see. I tried to stay on the declared bike routes though I ended up parallel to one.

There I saw that even in one of the leading bike city's car drivers feel that they need to keep the road free for "real traffic".

There is a conference center and hotel and that looks very fancy compared to the average architecture in Bonn:

After cruising around some construction sites I found a residential street:

The park at Valby was just a park. The location that he send me was a very interesting looking playground for kids, but that was about it. It could be that the students designed that, but I had expected some fancy garden or so. Later it turned out that the location was not means precise and I just looked at the wrong parts of the park although I drove through half of it.

Staying close to the waterfront on the way back gave me ample opportunity to look at a new residential area that is being developed. Here is one directly at a canal:

Here you can see a relatively new one which has underground waste collection, bike racks and no car parking lot:

And then there are older looking ships and new condos:

There is a bike bridge connecting two residential areas as well as a bridge leading up to the main street. This feels like Houten, just with a higher density of condos instead of houses.