Obsidian Markdown

A while ago I have written about note-taking software. At the time the most promising candidates were Joplin and just flat Markdown files. A colleague has told me about Obsidian. It is an awesome note taking application as it satisfies all the needs that I have: It uses plain Markdown files to store the notes, there is on siloization into an opaque database. But it provides a file explorer to quickly switch between notes. It also has some gadgets like a link graph, but I haven't used these yet.

Other great features is HTML import from the clipboard, which makes copying snippets from webseites much easier. It also supports split windows, which can serve as editor, preview and outline panes in any combination. It also manages attachments by copying them into the notes directory. And one can have multiple note directories, which are called “vaults”.

At the moment there is no possibility to change the font in a menu. One has to supply a bit of CSS. I want to edit in a fixed-width font, Source Code Pro in my case. For this one needs to create a file inside the vault (.obsidian/snippets/font.css) with this content:

/* normal text outside of headings and code of editor */
.mod-single-child .cm-s-obsidian
.cm-s-obsidian pre.HyperMD-codeblock
    font-family: "Source Code Pro";