physics900 Master Thesis

I wrote my master thesis about "Towards Exascale Computing in Lattice QCD".



The talk was delivered on 2017-08-09 and focuses on the hybrid Monte Carlo algorithm (HMC) and the changes made to the QPhiX library.


Supplementary Material

  • A full input file for hmc to do a $N_\mathrm{f} = 2 + 1$ Wilson clover simulation. It features multiple time scales, mass preconditioning, a rational approximation, different residuals for molecular dynamics and acceptance step.


  • Full input file for chroma to compute pion and kaon masses from simple point source propagators.


  • Input file for chroma to compute the Wilson flow for a given gauge configuration.


  • Compilation script for Chroma. See the project page for a link to the script.