Brush head holder

I once had a mirrored bathroom cabinet that had a holder for the brush heads of the electric toothbrush. That holder had the huge advantage that the brush heads were suspended and could dry completely. All other holders that I have seen so far would leave the brush heads sit in liquid and allow bacteria to grow quite rapidly. Since I could not find anything where the heads could dry properly, I attempted to construct it myself.

First version

It has rounded corners such that it can be cleaned easily and allows the brush heads to dry fully.

A local hardware store has several MakerBot Replicator 2X where you can ask them to print your STL file. It was printed with 0.2 mm of resolution using fused decomposition modeling.

After it was printed, it looks like this:

The problem seems to be that it is not waterproof and will soak with moisture and become a mess. I had to throw mine away pretty quickly.

Second version

After talking to Christoph Hansen about this he told me that I need to use a different method of fabrication. We then chose to use selective laser sintering (SLS) and indeed I got a solid printout which seems to be waterproof.

While we were at it, he told me that the thickness that I chose was overkill and so I reduced the whole design to two poles and reduced the needed material. This is the second iteration of the design:

Source code

This is a free hardware design made in OpenSCAD, which felt pretty natural to me as a programmer.