Packages for GNU/Linux Distributions

I make packages for most of my projects, since I like to install my own software with the package manager as well. The distribution that I use myself is the one which gets the most attention.


Only use my personal packages, it you trust me with root (sudo) rights on your computer! If you installed any of my programs with sudo make install before, you already trusted me. You might want to look at the warning on Launchpad as well.

Fedora and openSUSE

I package some of my projects as RPM and build those for Fedora and openSUSE on the Open Build Service in my home project. If you need them for a different version of Fedora or openSUSE, I can try to add those as well.


You can find my packages for Ubuntu in the Launchpad PPA. If you add that to your Ubuntu system, you can install my programs with apt-get or the Software Center and get automatic updates for them as well.

To add the PPA, do the following:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:martin-ueding/stable
$ sudo apt-get update

Then, you can install my program PACKAGE with:

$ sudo apt-get install PACKAGE