Vacation at Hacienda Buena Suerte, Spain (2018)

In February and March of 2018 we have been at the "Hacienda Buena Suerte" again. This time we took the ICE train from Siegburg to Frankfurt and then the plane to Sevilla. I really like traveling with the ICE, especially on that particular connection where it displayed 301 km/h at one point.

While I was there I hiked a bit around the ranch, there is plenty of space to spend a couple hours.

While I was hiking there, I recorded my tracks via GPS and later uploaded them into the Open Street Map. Now there is full coverage of all hiking paths on the property.

There is just so much nature and just a few buildings and streets that it is very calm and relaxing.

Also I went through several books while looking at palm trees:

During the second week of our stay we experienced a storm which only occurs there only every 15 years. They had a lot of rain and the soil was not able to soak it up. And the wind eventually destroyed the pavilion: