My Keyboard Layout

Until 2013, I have been using a regular German keyboard layout. Then, I switched to US International with a couple modifications:

I have the compose key on the menu button. That way, I can compose characters like "ä" with Menu " a. Or the symbol "©" with Menu O c.

If you have your fingers on the home row (asdf and jkl;), which keys are in easy reach with your little finger? Caps Lock and Enter. The problem is that one needs Ctrl way more often than Caps Lock. So I mapped Caps Lock to Ctrl to get a Control key in easy reach. Back in the day, the control key used to be there by default!

The regular US layout does not have and "ä" or "ß" on the keyboard, one has to use the compose key to get them. With US International, I can just do AltGr-s to get the "ß" character.