Math Jokes

These are some mathematical jokes. They are so un-funny that they need to be explained. Hover with your mouse over the spoiler box to read it.

Greater and Less Than Zero

$$\exists \epsilon > 0\colon \frac{1}{2} \, \epsilon < 0$$

$\epsilon$ is supposed to be so close to zero that dividing it by two makes it negative. Of course, this is impossible.

Aleph Null

$$\exists \epsilon \in \mathbb{R}^+\colon | 0, \epsilon | = \aleph_0$$

The interval $[0, \epsilon]$ is part of the real numbers. Using the default measure it has a certain volume. The number of numbers within this number is the same as the continuum, $c$. The stated cardinality of $\aleph_0$ is the one of the natural numbers which are countable. No matter how small the set from the real numbers is, the numbers contained within are always uncountable. Therefore here the $\epsilon$ is so small that the real numbers in the interval become countable.