Horse Carrier Cruises

There are cruises on regular cruise ships that one can go do. But what if you want to take your horse with you on a cruise? Well, good that you are here, because you can become part of the great new era of horse cruises.

The basic idea is simple: We take an old aircraft carrier, toss all the planes over the rail, plant some grass on the top and have a floating horse ranch! Horses can then grass on the flight deck while the people either spend time with their horses or enjoy a relaxing spa treatment in one of the lower decks.

The horse carrier will also feature riding places on the lower decks. The plane elevator (retrofitted with a sand floor) will allow guests to take their horses up and down. Some horse owners prefer stables over plain grass, these are located in the hangar deck. The enormous size of the carrier will ensure plenty of space for all people, horses and supplies.

Part of the cruises are of course the stays at the various coasts. Amphibious assault vehicles will be retrofitted such that one can take horses to the breach and directly enjoy a nice ride. I could imagine that people in tourist locations that are used to regular cruise ships would be somewhat frightened by the sight of an aircraft carrier. We would have to come up with a really benign hull painting to make it look like an innocent cruise ship.

Often there are couples where one is really stoked with horses and the other person is just coming along. Often the women are the ones interested in the horses, so these cruises need to offer entertainment for the man. If just being on an aircraft carrier is not manly enough, there will be offerings for the time at sea. I thought that perhaps we do not remove all the weapons but retain the CIWS and stock it with training ammunition. Then the guys can split up in two teams. One takes control of lightweight drones from a drone control room and takes them over the horizon. The other team will take seats in the CIC and watches out for the drones. The first team will try to land the drones on the flight deck whereas the second team will try to defend the horse carrier against the drones. The CIWS might be a might loud and scare the horses, this whole part perhaps needs some more thought.

The horses might not need the full flight deck for grass, there could be a par 3 golf course or something. At least a driving range would fit, this could also be combined with the CWIS team for more added fun. It's like shooting clay pigeons, just with lots of technology.

At this point you might raise the concern of funding. I got that covered! This text here is the pitch for a crowdfunding campaign which will collects funds to make an awesome video for the plan. This video will then feature the actual crowdfunding campaign that raises the money. People can buy tickets for the cruises. Lower tiers will have to include duties on the ship whereas the higher tiers allow for a complete vacation without any work to do.

In parallel there will be a crypto currency being pre-mined and sold in an initial coin offering (ICO). This will be the only currency on the ship because we all just love purchasing tokens on fun fairs and concerts.

All in all I think that this is a great way to re-use decommissioned aircraft carriers for a nice recreational purpose.