Great Programming Talks & Articles

I enjoy watching conference talks about programming. There are some very good speakers who really make informative and enjoyable keynotes. Here are some of my favorites.


For C++, the "Going Native" conferences hosted by Microsoft and the "CppCon" conferences are great to watch.

To get a good introduction of the new features of C++11 and beyond, these talks are nice:

People who learned C before C++ often use C within C++. To really get the most out of C++, it is best to leave out most of C. See this talk for what I mean:

Keeping the code simple and maintainable is the goal but hard to achieve. These talks have some guidelines to help:

For those interested in multi-core and multi-thread programming, I can recommend these:

And the more advanced topics:

If you are interested in the optimization step during compilation:

Build systems: