Gaming with Keyboardio Model 01

I already use a very nieche keyboard, the Keyboardio Model 01. It took me like three weeks to regain my typing speed on it. But I have had it at the office the whole time and never used it at home. With the quarantene I have brought it home and eventually tried gaming on it.

For instance with GTA 5 I use the following buttons on a regular ANSI layout keyboard:

But how are these buttons placed on the Model 01? It turns out that they are also mostly on the left side, such that I have my right hand for the mouse. The problem is that a gamer usually shifts the left hand to the left by one such that the W-key is worked with the middle finger instead of the ring finger. This would make reading the shift key with the thumb much harder, and I need to press both W and Shift at the same time to sprint forward.

Game manufacturers assume a regular ANSI layout, and just use the keys that are in reach of the shifted left hand. In the end I usually play with a regular keyboard, as gaming is really different than typing. The Model 01 is fully programmable, so I could add a gaming layout to it, but I already have a cheap ANSI keyboard around, so I just spare myself the extra work.