From Thunderbird to mutt

I started playing with mutt in 2014. Those are a couple things that a I needed to tweak.

Mutt has its own address book format, the aliases. Those are just names and email addresses in a plain text file. To get my contacts into a mutt readable format, I needed to convert them from vCard.

I installed the Ubuntu package vpim which provides the vcf-to-mutt program that converts a vCard with multiple contacts into a mutt alias file.

There is a bug in the Ubuntu 13.10 version since it starts with Ruby 1.9, but the library really is written for Ruby 1.8. So you will have to call it with the explicit version of Ruby:

ruby1.8 /usr/bin/vcf-to-mutt -a  < adressen-1394461591.vcf > aliases.txt