physics615 Theoretical Particle Physics




Winter 2015/2016

In this class the exercises were not reviewed directly. We only had to bring our solutions to the tutorials and demonstrate that we have worked on at least half of the problems. Therefore there are no reviewed problem sets here.

# Handed in
1 physics615-01-handed_in.pdf
2 physics615-02-handed_in.pdf
3 physics615-03-handed_in.pdf
4 physics615-04-handed_in.pdf
5 physics615-05-handed_in.pdf
6 physics615-05-handed_in.pdf
7 physics615-07-handed_in.pdf
8 physics615-08-handed_in.pdf
9 physics615-09-handed_in.pdf
10 physics615-10-handed_in.pdf
11 physics615-11-handed_in.pdf
12 physics615-12-handed_in.pdf
13 physics615-13-handed_in.pdf