Einträge über Telegram

Notifications from Python to Android

For the Vigilant Crypto Snatch we currently use Telegram to send notifications from the Python program to the phones (mostly Android, I guess). Each user has independently set up a bot with Telegram. This bot token is registered in the configuration file and the Python script can then use the bot to send messages. The users have to write to their bot using Telegram such that the bot knows about their personal account. Then the bot can send messages to that particular end user.


Scattered Across Messengers

For the past years I have only used WhatsApp and Telegram for messaging. Surely also Discord, Skype, Team Speak and Zoom for certain discussion groups, but not genereal messaging. Most people use WhatsApp, and few use Telegram and insist that it is the better messenger. I still do not like Telegram for its home-grown cryptography, trusted-server design and opt-in end-to-end-encryption. A relative had a security incident on Telegram, apparently somebody was reading all the chats and searched for login credentials that were sent to somebody else. In the end the person ditched Telegram as they did not feel secure on it any more.


The Plethora of Messaging Services

There are just too many channels one can communicate over. This should be a good thing: More choices, no dependence on a single vendor. In theory this is true. The problem are the incompatibilities between the different services. The following illustrates the various paths that one can take to message some other person.