Einträge über Scythe

Simulating Scythe: Greedy Beam Search

Scythe is a board game from the engine builder genre. Is a rather complicated game as there are different types of entities and actions around. It is about collecting resources, deploying the hero, workers, mechs and buildings, moving them around, fighting with others, accomplishing achievements. In the end one obtains a score based on the number of achievements, controlled hexes and resources as well as left-over money and some bonus points.


Tracking a Game of Scythe

On occasion I play some enthusiast board games. Scythe is one of my favorite ones, as it does not contain much randomness (except for the encounters) and one can play somewhat independently of the other players. There are various strategies to gain points in the game. I once tracked my progress along the game, and got an interesting chart of it: