Einträge über ColorHug ALS

Qt GUI for Autobright

I have been working with the combination of the ambient light sensor and the display control software for a while, see the tag ColorHug. After the rewrite I had the software in a modular fashion and had a reasonable wrapper for the sensor, as well as for the display control. The problem still is the model that translated in between. And to improve the model, I needed to gather data. So I have been collecting data tuples of date and time, manually set brightness and sensor reading throughout my work and leisure time at the computer.


Brightness Sensor and External Screens

I use an external screen with my laptop. Mostly because it is larger, but also because it has a sufficient height to reduce neck strain. There is another problem that causes strain: suboptimal brightness settings. On the laptop, I have brightness keys handy and can quickly use them to adjust the brightness. My Android devices regulate the brightness automatically for me. But on the desktop, the brightness is always fixed.