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I had my first computer with 5 and started C programming when I was 13. Then I made some simple websites using PHP which grew into ever more complex ones. In 2007, I created some Java applications, some of them are still among the portfolio on this page. While I was an intern at the DLR, I started to learn Python and IDL, which introduced me to matrix based languages. For the numerical methods lecture and especially my bachelor’s thesis I used C++11. During my master’s thesis I have learned Haskell for fun. Later on for my PhD thesis I also learned R and the Wolfram Language.

This section of my site is for articles about programming practices and performance tests. Also various stuff about computer hardware and software.

Wear on CF card receptacles

My camera is a rather old DSLR which still uses CF cards. In order to get the images, I would take it out of the camera body, put it into a card reader and then transfer the images. Afterwards the card was inserted back into the camera body. This has worked fine for years, but one day the card reader would not work any more. I didn't understand, and just bought a new card reader. One day in 2016, the new card reader stopped working. I then looked into the card reader and saw that a pin was bent.

So I took a simple screwdriver and tried to fix the pin and bend it back.

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