Hi, I am Martin Ueding, a physicist (B.Sc.), student of physics and programmer.

Since 2011, I study Physics at Bonn university. It is just so much fun to learn how the fundamental things in the world work. See the Studies section for the study related material.

I also started a blog again, there I write about lighthearted topics, mostly in German.

Pretty early on I started programming with C. Then I looked into HTML and CSS, started to use PHP and then MySQL. Looking for something to write software with a nice user interface with, I came to Java. Then I looked into more languages like Bash, Python, JavaScript, GNU Octave, VimScript, Fish. For now, I try to do most things in either Python 3 or C++11, so that I only have two languages, which I know well. See my Projects.

My most popular project are the thinkpad-scripts which I wrote to get all the screen and digitizer features working effortlessly on my ThinkPad. It is a collection of Python modules that take care of docking and screen rotation.

For several years now, I have been almost paperless. The main challenges are papers I get from other people and hand written notes. The former can be faced with a scanner, the latter was more interesting. I own a Wacom Tablet since long before I started to become paperless, but I never had a good software for note taking. Since I did not find one at first, I wrote jscribble. After I was almost done with that, I discovered Xournal which I now use most of the time.

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